Evicted Again (Sort Of)

Well, we had to leave our room at the LaQuinta on Research Parkway as we ran out of money to pay for anymore nights. After reviewing, my debit card statement, my daughters and my sons, we founf that we have been being double, sometimes triple charged by the hotel. They, of course deny it, but the bank statements don’t lie. So we packed up our little Hyundai Accent with 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 adults, our clothes and required equipment. We went to wait in the parking lot behind Waterford Lakes Town Center until security started giving us the eye, then we moved up to another town center with a Petsmart so we could let the pets get cool. BTW, we don’t have working A/C in the car. My daughter stayed with my niece on Friday and Saturday night and me wife, pets and me spent the night in a parking lot. We them had to get a ride to Cape Coral to stay with my brother in law. My daughter stayed in Orlando as she has school and work and we went south. My niece took us halfway and gave us money to get My BIL to to meet us and drive us the rest of the way. Now we are here and noone has any money for food, but at least we are not in the heat!


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