‘Romnesia’: Obama Coins Mitt Romney ‘Condition’ (VIDEO)

‘Romnesia’: Obama Coins Mitt Romney ‘Condition’ (VIDEO).


Bad News

I went to my Pulmonologist yesterday and was told the my FEV1 is down to 31% and I need to start planning for a lung transplant. This involves Pulmonary Rehab, which I’m having trouble getting an authorization for. My PCP says the hospital needs to fax them and the Orlando Healthcare people said the PCP needs to fax them with the request. Physicians Untied isn’t helping any! What a mess!. Also have to lose weight, I hate diets! And even though I have had 27 other surgeries, this one scares me. So I need a new lung and cataract surgery, possibly shoulder surgery. Wish they could do it all at the same time!