Corporate Theft

Tell corporations stop stealing from talented Artists. Share this and follow link.
Forever 21 is selling a shirt, pictured below, that uses stolen artwork. It belongs to moosekleenex, whom you can find at, and at Please spread the word, because theft of an artist’s or a designer’s work goes on all too often, and as an art student myself, I can’t stand to see this happen. When a large corporation like Forever 21 does this, it sends a message to other companies that it’s okay to steal.

You can also send Forever 21 a message through their website ( or call them at (213) 741-5100, extension #2.


2 thoughts on “Corporate Theft

    • I’m not sure I can give you much more info other than what I posted. Retailers are stealing art from private artists and putting them on their site and in some cases copying fashions designed by them also


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