Why am I short of breath after eating? | COPD Foundation Blog

Why am I short of breath after eating? | COPD Foundation Blog.


Health and homelessness

I hope that any of you have never ┬áhad to experience what my family is going through right now, but being homeless and not knowing where you will be from day to day takes a physical and mental toll on the body, Human, Canine and Feline. We have been living day to day since February 26th in a hotel and never knowing how much longer we can stay. My daughter, who is 20, is being effected and losing sleep and being consistantly depressed, my wife has IBS and Kidney disease and her health and mental heatlth are really effected. None of us get any sleep, we cab’t really eat and are moods are bad. Even my two dogs and cats are being effected. You can tell by their loss of fur and chewing themselves. My doctor wants me in the hospital, but I will not desert my family. I have COPD stage 4, Stiff Heart and a multitude of other problems. There is no social service agency that will help with our situation because of one dis qualifier or another. We all are having heartburn issues because of this. Please don’t let this happen to you!