Looking for a miracle or two

Well, tonight is the last night that I have money to pay for another night in the hotel. We have been using the free breakfast foods to eat for all three meals and the free water also. I have tried EVERY payday loan, personal and even tried to find a loan shark, and no one will lend me money. Tomorrow being Sunday, I do not have too much Hope for any breakthroughs, buts who knows, maybe someone will drop money in the parking lot. We found a house we can rent, but can’t move in until my SSDI check comes in on the 3rd. Since we have pets, we can’t go to a shelter and we do not have a tent to even sleep in the woods. If I were a religious person, I would pray for a miracle, but since I’m not, I don’t believe it would make a difference.

I’m hoping that something will break!


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