NetSpend Sucks!

NetSpend, one of the largest prepaid debit card issuers. is the most dishonest company I have ever done business with. The are diverting funds of others so that they can make interest on them so that they can have a positive report for their shareholders.

Before NetSpend went IPO and was purchased by another company, they were honest and forthcoming. Now, because of their greedy shareholders, they are screwing with other peoples lives.

MetaBank and International Bank have also tarnished their reputation by being associated with them


2 thoughts on “NetSpend Sucks!

  1. You are absolutely right. They were much more dependable before the takeover. I worked on Wall Street in the 70s and banking in the 80s and I know what you say is true. They lost all credibility and integrity when they traded good customer service to line the pockets of investors at our expense. They need to remove the lie “we post your deposits as soon as we receive them” because half the recipients of government benefits get their deposits sometimes days before others and the strange thing is they are both from the same source for the same benefits. You have made people aware that something’s not right and I applaud your courage to stand up.

  2. I will be posting updates to all derogatory information I can verify about NetSpend and related companies. I am going to make it my mission to put all concerned under a microscope and prompt an investigation.


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