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I have a real problem!

Whenever I get nervous and start to get anxiety,  I lie! I know I do but just can’t stop. My lies hurt others more than they hurt me.  I lie so much anymore, I’m not sure what is fact or fiction. My lies have caused my family so much hardship and pain.

Why do I keep doing this? I need help.

Because of my lies, my family has no idea how much trouble we are in.

If there’s a higher power,  Please help my family!  I don’t care about me,  just them!

Help for car repairs

We own a 2000 Hyundai Accent with over 180K miles and it needs some love. I have COPD and really need air conditioning in Florida.  It went out last year and although I am still able to maintain and repair the car, I can’t afford the parts to repair it. The car has been in our family since it was new and I have religiously maintained all these years.

I can no longer work and am on Social Security Disability so I cannot afford to buy a new car or parts. It also needs an alternator and a new windshield

If anyone knows of an agency or individual that may be able to help out, Please, please let me know.

We live in Orlando,  but could drive to another city in Florida if needed.

Thank you in advance for reading this.

Crisis Assistance

In a continuing series of posts regarding help for the needy, I thought I should post this little gem.

In the Central Florida area, there is no financial assistance available for car repairs, medical emergencies, etc. Instead the agencies will tell you to use the money you would use for your rent or utilities and then they will pay up to $1000.00 towards your rent. What they do not tell you is, that landlords do not like dealing with assistance agencies because they have to provide their SSN and they are so afraid of ID theft that they will not fill out the forms. This has happened to me in the last 3 houses. There needs to be a law requiring landlords to accept money from crisis assistance instead of evicting.

un-Social Services

I called the 211 Help line here in Orlando for some assistance and when I told them I was out of money for food and housing and they told me that everybody is and they can’t help everybody.! What kinda of help is that? I have been doing it on my own with a little help from my friends since June and They can’t or won’t help with me renting a house, money for gas or food and a safe place for my family and I to stay. I know that I have fucked up and I am trying to fix it, but I keep hitting brick walls. I have screwed up my daughter and wife’s lives really bad. t is time for me to quit. Every time I try to do something legally, it fails, I give up!


All I want is a loan to get me out of this mess!