An open letter to Gov. Rick Scott, Florida DEA, Every Pharmacy and Pharmacist in the Greater Orlando Area!!

Because of the above idiots, I am unable to obtain my Schedule CII prescription until next week. This means I will possibly go into withdrawals and could possibly die. So all you assholes above, I hope that you experience what I will!!!

And drug addicts, I hope a cop puts a bullet thru your skull!!! because you alone made this happen!!!!


Another year older!

Tuesday was my birthday, I turned 55 and what do I have to show for it, not a god damned thing! After looking back on my 55 years,  I have come to realize that i haven’t achieved anything worthwhile. 

I can’t keep a job, I have so many medical and mental conditions that it is a chore to get out of bed. I don’t own a home, a car or anything of value. SSDI doesn’t pay enough to keep up paying rent, utilities, medical expenses, food and other essentials. The only positive thing that I have helped to contribute to the human race,  are my son and daughter.

My existance on this Earth has not helped it in any way. All I have done in my life is ruin others lives. When my time ends on this earth, it will be better for it!

Homeless Again

Well,  apparently I’m a complete idiot or I have serious mental issues.  I can’t change my pattern!  I have made this happen numerous times since 1983. Sometimes it could not be avoided due to job or benefit loss. Other times I can’t explain, I am not even sure what happened.

Also, I’m done dealing with my COPD and other medical conditions. I just want the end to come soon. The world will be a better place when I’m gone!

I have a real problem!

Whenever I get nervous and start to get anxiety,  I lie! I know I do but just can’t stop. My lies hurt others more than they hurt me.  I lie so much anymore, I’m not sure what is fact or fiction. My lies have caused my family so much hardship and pain.

Why do I keep doing this? I need help.

Because of my lies, my family has no idea how much trouble we are in.

If there’s a higher power,  Please help my family!  I don’t care about me,  just them!