Homeless Again

Well,  apparently I’m a complete idiot or I have serious mental issues.  I can’t change my pattern!  I have made this happen numerous times since 1983. Sometimes it could not be avoided due to job or benefit loss. Other times I can’t explain, I am not even sure what happened.

Also, I’m done dealing with my COPD and other medical conditions. I just want the end to come soon. The world will be a better place when I’m gone!



Once again, Suite that I have forced my family to be homeless! And this time we lost a lot of personal property, 2 flat screen tv’s, all our DVDs, DVD cabinet, printer, and others.  I keep doi g this to my family and don’t know why! 

Crisis Assistance

In a continuing series of posts regarding help for the needy, I thought I should post this little gem.

In the Central Florida area, there is no financial assistance available for car repairs, medical emergencies, etc. Instead the agencies will tell you to use the money you would use for your rent or utilities and then they will pay up to $1000.00 towards your rent. What they do not tell you is, that landlords do not like dealing with assistance agencies because they have to provide their SSN and they are so afraid of ID theft that they will not fill out the forms. This has happened to me in the last 3 houses. There needs to be a law requiring landlords to accept money from crisis assistance instead of evicting.

Where is the Housing Assistance?

Where is the all the housing assistance programs that are supposed to be available to the homeless, disabled and the elderly. Every agency I contact tells me, we no longer so that or you can try calling somewhere else, where I get the same answers. The Orange County Florida Crisis Assistance website states they will help with first months rent, deposits, etc, but when you call them they say we don’t do that.

There needs to be an agency that can help with finding housing. Section 8 list is always full and they never open the list, all the websites that have list of agencies, like HUD are not updated and do not have current info.

We are just trying to find a decent place to rent that we can afford and it is impossible. In an area as big as Orlando, this should not be such a problem.

I give up

No matter how hard I try to keep things together and have the money to pay the bills, something always happens. This time the SSA cut off my disability check without warning and my landlord wouldn’t accept the rent from social services because they didn’t want to report any income. So once again EVICTED!  We have been living in a small hotel room snce the 23rd of August and cannot find anything to rent.  On top of all that, my son stole my meds and wouldn’t admit to it.

Soon to be homeless again :-(

I can’t believe it, we finally find a decent place we can afford and the SSA decides that i’m no longer disabled and stops my checks. My landlord will not take anything  but cash and will not accept payyment from any crisis assistance agencies. And she already doesn’t like us because we have a cat. So i’m just waiting for the official papers.  On top of that, az we were driving down the expressway today, a rock hit the windshield and cracked it. We are jinxed.