Brst Friends

In my 53 years of life, I have had many friends through work, activities, school , etc. But every so often you get a best friend. I have only had 2 or 3 best friends and I screwed up all those friendships. Now when I want some one to talk to, I don’t have anyone. Moral of the story: Guard your friendships, don’t screw them up like I did!

Where is my “Angel”?

People talk about their guardian angel and how they have helped them in bad times, make the right decision, resolved a major pressing problem. Does it only happen to people of Faith, the ones who pray everyday, go to worship regularly. If so, then I will never have one. People say that you have to listen to your inner voice, my inner voice has been telling me the wrong things 95% of the time. I try to help myself and it never seems to work. Things do not work out for me. I guess somewhere in my life, I must have really screwed someone over, because Karma is definitely screwing with me.


My cat that also has some pulmonary and cardiac problems escaped tonight and we went looking for him. Boy, was that an experiment in terror. I could barely make it around the cul-de-sac. I had to turn up my O2 flow, use my rescue inhaler and get my walker to keep looking. When I came home it took me a long time to recuperate.